a mother's day story I wish was fictional

When I announced to my small group of first and second graders that we were going to make chocolate covered pretzels for a Mother's Day gift on Friday, "Thomas" had a strange reaction. His usually smiling face fell into a dark scowl.

"I. Don't. Want to." he declared.

I was almost surprised until I remembered his family situation. Thomas was adopted from a land far away into a very rich couple's home. Yes, they knew he was deaf. But the rumor is, the couple wanted to save their marriage and an adopted kid seemed like just the thing.

A few years went by and the marriage dissolved anyway. Now little Thomas is raised by an aging grandfather and an elderly nanny that mom hired so she can live at her workplace.

From what I've observed, the mother treats him like he should be behaving like a forty year old man: grown up and mature already instead of the seven year old child that he is. It's hard to watch.

His nanny (who's been with him for most of his life) is the one who brings him to school, who drives over his lunch or his homework when he forgets it, and who communicates to his teachers.

So back to Friday. Not even after several encouraging prompts could I get Thomas to make a gift for his mother. It was only once I promised him that he could make two gifts - one for his mother, one for his nanny - that he changed his mind and decided to participate.

It broke my heart right down the middle.

Mom? Thank you SO much for not only doing the job yourself, but for having done such a terrific job to boot! I love you: you're the best!!


Renee said...

That's so sad. : ( At least little Thomas does have his nanny (& a great teacher!) to be a positive influence in his life!!

Steff said...

Awww that's so terrible. ='( I hope the nanny is a good 'mother' figure for him. Poor kid.

That was a good compromise that you did for him though!

Sneaker Teacher said...

I had a few kids as well who just would not write anything about their moms and were not at all inspired by Mother's Day. :0( Makes me appreciate what a great mom I have!

Rachel said...

How heartbreaking.

My mother wound up "adopting" many of her students with awful home situations. Cannot tell you how many of those kids sign the word "Mom" and mean her.

So thankful for the women who pour love into our lives.

Randy et Jan said...

Thanks, Honey. I love you too and feel privileged to have you as my daughter!!!!

Shell said...

That is so heartbreaking. :(

Charlotte said...

That is very sad. At least he has a nanny he loves, right? Doesn't make it better, but gives some hope.

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