time is on my side

You know when you ask your class a question and a bunch of little hands shoot up in the air, all eager to share their answer? You know when you call on one of them, and the kiddo just sits there and ummmms and aahhhhs, and finally says "I forgot" rather sheepishly?

Well that's what happened to my little blog recently. "I forgot."

Actually, it was more of a too-tired-after-field-day, got-sick-over-Memorial-Day, just-started-reading-a-good-book kinda thing.

And I'm checking in only to say that time feels like it's moving like this:

With three days of school left, the work is piled high (that detailed end-of-year checklist!), the kids are driving me CUH-RAZY, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to focus on anything longer than 2.3 seconds.

But summer break? Thinking about that can hold my attention for slightly longer than 2.3 seconds....


Randy et Jan said...

I have that clock!

Shell said...

The end of the year is hard! You're almost there, though! :)

Cortney said...

Have I mentioned how jealous I am that you are only 3 days away from the finish line??? It's still 12 days for us but it might as well be 112 cause every second of the day drags on and on and on.

But if you start blogging about how glorious it is to be on summer vacation i may have to boycott your blog until I get out for summer too...I just wont be able to contain my jealousy.

Just kidding, I enjoy your blog to much to skip it!

Maranda said...

I've done that before too. What book???

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