Learning the hard way

It was the first night of our mini-vacation in Michigan. We were all still in the living room at ten o'clock but we were thinking about heading to bed.

We decided to let our dog Barney out one more time to pee before bedtime. I opened the back door to the deck and he sprinted around the corner. It was pretty dark, and I followed, calling his name.

Just then I saw him out by the barn, jumping, leaping and frolicking with what seems to be a black cat with a white tail. As he heard me calling his name, though, he ran towards me.

And as he was running towards me, I realized a few things instantly:

1. Barney was blinking a lot.
2. He was trying to paw his own face.
3. An invisible cloud of powerful, concentrated stink was following him.

Poor doggy had just been sprayed in the FACE by a skunk! And in my panic at his distress, I foolishly picked him up and carried him toward the house. I cracked open the back door and yelled for help!

And if you're wondering, 1 quart peroxide mixed with 1 quarter cup baking soda and 1 spoonful of soap got most of the stink out of his fur.

Lesson(s) learned: Barney now knows that not every creature is friendly. And I now know not to pick up the dog when he's covered in overwhelming stink.


Megan said...

Aww! Poor baby!!! He is the cutest dog ever. I love his ears!!

Charlotte said...

What a stinky lesson. I lived in terror of getting sprayed by a skunk at our old house. Had several run-ins (one indoor), but luckily they were used to humans.

Tara said...

Awww...bummer for him!!! I have 2 dogs and there's no doubt that my boy dog would find a skunk and be sprayed too!! I'm excited to find another 4th grade teacher:) I am a new follower today:) Come visit me:)

Anonymous said...

This solution also gets out cat urine too. I've been lucky that Max the Dog has never been sprayed!

SharleneT said...

And, if push comes to shove, the old standy of fresh tomatoes works wonders. Too funny (because it happened to you!)

Randy et Jan said...

Poor Barney....poor you! The "mother instinct" is showing in picking him up without thought for your own stink!! I wonder if he was afraid to go out again or if he just avoided that area of the yard. Love you, Mom

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