Back in Full Swing

It was a wonderful three day weekend! I did lots of little nothings. Max and I played Taboo with some friends. I laid on the couch. I read a book. I played computer games. The only price I paid was four hours at my school desk on Saturday to catch up on some work. It was worth it for the relative calm I feel now on my first day back!
I felt surprisingly awake today, considering. I know the feeling won't last, though. Tomorrow night I'll be staying up WAY past my bedtime because I'm going to see Don Giovanni at the opera with my grandma tomorrow night. I know it will be a lot of fun, but I'm sure my eyes will struggle to focus by the last act ;).
Between getting ready for the district's official review of our school in early February (aka: extra mountains of paperwork), rushing to finish testing kids and writing IEP's, lesson planning, running copies, attending useless meetings, and, oh yeah, teaching, I've been distracting myself by planning my trip to Syracuse, NY to see my sister in February. Five more weeks! We've already booked a great deal through Travelzoo at the Marriott hotel in Niagra Falls. Spa treatments, breakfast, and dinner all included. Yea!


2 bees said...

What team does Don Giovanni play for and what sport?

2 bees said... in San Diego zoo, sounds like fun for sure. Hippopotamus is my favorite, right next to the porcupine.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you didn't hum along. It's frowned on in opera settings. You can, however, tap your foot as long as you're wearing formal high heels.

Love you. Dad

Anonymous said...

I'm FINALLY caught up on your and Max's blogs! How was the opera with Minnie? I'm jealous! Love, Mom

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