Save the Drama for your Lama

Last night's production of "Don Giovanni" was superb. I don't know how else to describe it-- I wish I had pictures to post, but cameras were strictly prohibited. I learned several things as a result of my opera venture with grandma:
1) There was sexual harassment even in Mozart's day.
2) There seems to be more and more younger people attending the opera.
3) It turns out, I really like "Good and Plenty" candy (never thought I liked that stuff).
4) I get my candy smuggling tendencies from grandma.
5) Soap operas are just really long, drawn out operas.
6) I can sleep with my eyes open (I loved every minute of the performance, but I had been up since six that morning, so I had a right to be tired--back off).
In all, it was definitely an experience.

I thought I was going to have a really hard day today from going to bed so late, but I was okay. I managed to get seven hours of sleep last night, and there was enough DRAMA in my room to keep me alert. I won't elaborate right now, but let's just say my day involved possibly deadly air particles, sick children, persistent black dirt, ladders, illegal actions, major-ly inconveniencing colleagues, district maintenance, marshmallows and toothpicks, and an unprofessional principal at the next school over. I'll let you wonder until I have more time to flesh out the ongoing saga of my daily life :)


Anonymous said...

Quite a day at school, Princess!

We'll pray that the Lord gives you discernment to sort it all out. Try to recuperate this weekend with your "interesting" husband!

Love you. Dad

Anonymous said...

What llama?? Mom

2 bees said...

Somethings are just WRONG...trash candy at something as cultural as opera is a NO NO!

2 bees said...

Hey...your experiences at school sound like a perfect script for a modern day where candy and other junk food would be part of the plot. In the end our hero (you) saves the day and becomes the no, the no the CUSTODIAN...ya ya the custodian. I want tickets when you open on broadway.

Anonymous said...

Y'all keep us entertained on these rainy cold days. Love You gm+gp

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