Trained....and Ready?

Today, I spent the day at the district office, learning all about this awesome program ("Reading Naturally") to build fluency and comprehension. The presenter was excellent and the information was relevant. In short, I can't wait to use it in my own classroom! As I was sitting in the training, however, it occurred to me that there's a lot of stuff that they DON'T tell you in any given in-service.

What they do tell you:
  • "Here's how to implement the steps of this awesome program"
What they don't tell you:
  • "Here's how to convince your site administrator to buy the program and the materials"
  • "Here's how to get creative with your time management so that you can fit this program into your day"
  • "Here's what to throw out in your day so you can make room for this program in your schedule"
  • "Here's how to squeeze extra physical space and storage space into your already too-packed classroom so you can run the program"
In fact, as I sat there thinking, it also occurred to me that some people in the room might not go to all the trouble of running the program (even though it would be so beneficial), because it's just too much extra work. So our real choices were: 1) put up with the hassle for your students' sake, or 2) be a lousy teacher and don't sleep well at night. Hmmmmm. Guess which one I choose? Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Super Sarah!! From your Super Mom!! Love and kisses!!!!!!!

2 bees said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I am the Director of Training at Read Naturally and am excited to hear that you are willing to make the effort to use Read Naturally to support your students reading development. Let me offer a couple of suggestions for you. To convince you administrator you might share some of the case studies in our booklet entitled "Research and Rationale" that show student success at various schools around the country. You might also share our "White Paper." Both can be downloaded from the Document section of our website at
regarding finding enough time in your day. Once you have trained students they can work independently.Have them use part of their reading block to work in the program. They are reading and comprehending so it is an excellent and appropriate use of their time. I would be glad to speak to you further if you have more questions. I can also give you the name of a fantastic principal out in CA has had great success in his school with studnets including ELL. I am sure he would be happy to talk to your prinicpal. Please feel free to contact me @ 1-800-485-7088 or email @ dseifert@readnaturallt\

Daryl Seifert
Director of Training
Read Naturally

PS sorry I can't help with the space issues but having used the program in my school for 7 years I can tell you it is worth the effort!

2 bees said...

Love, BB

Anonymous said...

Why read when you can play basketball? Jabron.

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