From the Funny Farm

In the last five minutes of the school day today, we practiced spelling our "words of the week". I usually like to do something really corny as we spell each word (makes it a game instead of a drill). Today I told the kids we were going to lasso each letter with invisible rope. At the end of the spelling, we shout the word and bring in the cow. The kids were excellent cowboys.

As we lined up outside for the bus, one of my students said: "I gonna eat my cow!". Another student turned to him with a look of utter disgust and said: "We no eat cow!". I told this second student that whenever you eat a hamburger, you're eating cow. He replied: "but milk?". You should have seen his look of amazement when he realized that both milk and meat come from cows. The first student suddenly exclaimed: "I eat sheep too!"

I thought this amusing incident was over, but about two minutes later as we approached the school gate, the first student said: "What do chicken make". I told him: "Well... chicken is chicken". He looked puzzled, so I added: "you know, like chicken nuggets!"

"Oh.... COOL!"


Anonymous said...

A biology teacher you're not! But, we and your students love you anyway!
Your adoring dad.

2 bees said...

Me love cow. Me love chicken. Me love sheep. Me love pig. Me love fish. Me love all farm animals and me love most wild ones too. Me #1 enemy of all creatures. Me want to go eat now...

2 bees said...

Ok, I have to tell another Max story to all your blog fans. When Max was little and he live on the farm in Michigan I asked him which farm animal was his favorite, he replied, "I don't know, I have tasted them all yet." He was very serious...and practical.

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