Abridged for Your Sake

It's been a rough couple of days. There was a lot of drama today that was the result of some complicated events. I was too overwhelmed to even tell the hubby about it (you know, it's one of those stories that starts way back when two weeks ago, blah, blah, blah).

He cut me off at the beginning and told me to try to sum it up in two sentences. WHAT?! I told him that it was impossible, but he told me to try anyway, because "anything can be summed up in two sentences". After a few moments of reflection, I said: "One of my special ed. colleagues wasn't invited to a certain meeting and it hurt her feelings. It may have been partly my fault".

See? Not that hard. And I just saved all three of my readers a long boring story... so, you're welcome!

P.S: Max did end up listening to the whole long story anyways because he knows I need to talk--so yeah, he's pretty great!

P.P.S: Can you sum up your day in two sentences?


Anonymous said...

You've got a great husband.

My day in two sentences? I spent the day loving the LORD. The rest was spent loving mom and the rest of the family.

Love you, Princess. dad

Anonymous said...

Love God serve people...

Anonymous said...

Two words predominate.
Talking, typing.

Anonymous said...

I came. I saw. I conquered.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope things are good between you and your colleague! Love, Mom

Chance said...

This is actually a pretty inspiring thing your husband's got going... Having to sum everything up in two sentences can really put the most infuriating drama into some much-needed perspective.

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