Attempted Poetry: Angry Teacher Edition

The Cold Shoulder

It began with a wind chill
Of minus twenty-three
All the teachers thinking:
For surely, school will be closed.

We turned on the radio, the TV,
And the net
All the teachers thinking:
"What a sure bet!"
For surely, school will be closed.

Awaiting our cancellation
Turned to frustration
So many school closings
We all were supposing
That we would be next!

We're the county exception
To this freezing vacation
All the teachers re-thinking
Our job situation
For surely, this isn't fair.


Chance said...

I think this sums up the feeling exactly.

Anonymous said...

Our schools here in Manitoba dont close unless the pure temperature is -35 or else -45 with a windchill. Nuts eh? lol.. I totally understand this frustration. Especially when the pure temperature is -34.

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