The Benefits of Being a Favorite

Yesterday was my mid-year performance review. I sat down with the principal and the dean of student interventions (she's very involved with special ed). The dean said lots of nice things about me and my relationships with the other teachers, and about my interesting and engaging lessons. The principal asked me questions like "What's something that's going well for you this year?" That question surprised me a little and I didn't have an answer ready. When I took a minute to think, we all kind of laughed.... Then she asked me what I wanted to do better (easy... but hard to just pick one!). Then the principal asked me if there was anything I needed from her. At that point, there was some lightning quick censoring going on in my mind (I wanted to say something about giving professional respect), but I managed to say something both true and appropriate.

Right as I was about to leave her office, she asked me about my plans next year. Shoot! I was hoping to stay under the radar in that department for a bit longer. I told her that my husband was planning on going to seminary next year, but that whether or not I'd be looking for a new job was up in the air. Which is technically true, because there are some circumstances that I can envision where I would have to stay. But "up in the air" can mean 98% leaving and 2% staying, right???

In any case, both the principal and the dean expressed their wish that I would stay, but to let them know. The principal even volunteered to call up some schools that she's close to and put in a good word along the lines of "you can't live without this teacher in your building".

Nice, but I hope it doesn't come to that.... Also? Here's to hoping that I don't get on her bad side from now to June!!


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts and quick thinking, Princess. Office politics. No way to avoid it. We're proud of you and your professional stance and competencies.

Love, dad

Anonymous said...

Does your principal read this blog?

Anonymous said...

Amen to that last statement!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Tread carefully and cautiously :)
If you need a reference I am here too!

Ye old sped half

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