Today was a staff in-service day. At the very beginning of the day, upon inspecting the agenda, I noticed that the administration had nicely differentiated the breakout sessions. One was for K-2 teachers, one was for 3-4 teachers, one was for 5-8 teachers, and one was for "specials" teachers (art, music, gym, spanish). In all three different breakout times, there was no mention of the special ed staff at all!

Rather than draw attention to our neglected selves, the other resource room teacher and I ducked away and spent a wonderful day flying under the radar. A lot of paperwork was done. A lot of internet was surfed. A productive start to the week!


Anonymous said...

If they didn't acknowledge your existence, why not go shopping/lunch out? Mom

Anonymous said...

Great! Did ya play Blink?

Sarah said...

Don't you love being included? That happens to me all the time too!

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