The Anti-List

Things Not to Do:

  1. Do not wake up at 5:20
  2. Do not drive 104 miles to work and back every day
  3. Do not stand outside in the cold for parking lot duty
  4. Do not wear a watch
  5. Do not rush to and fro
  6. Do not wear make up
  7. Do not prepare a lunch the night before
  8. Do not drink the morning tea on the go
  9. Do not get out of pajamas (unless you leave the house)
  10. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars....


Sarah said...

Spring break?! I just finished mine. :( Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

#11 Do not worry or fret

My addition~Janet

Anonymous said...

No make up? Now that's really pushing the limits in your marriage!

Praying for Max, dad

Anonymous said...

Some of the high school kids go to school in their pajamas...

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