Forced to Resort to Raw Sugar and Espresso Beans

There are a lot of things that teachers do to keep their sanity within their classrooms. For some, it's making sure they get out of their rooms at some point throughout the day--escaping to the lounge, visiting a colleague, or lingering in the hallway for a brief conversation with another grown-up. For other teachers, it's just grabbing a few minutes of peace and quiet whenever possible. For me, it's surfing the internet for a few minutes before I get down to the business of my planning time.

For a lot of teachers, it's caffeine.

Many teachers purchase their own mini-refrigerators and coffee pots for their classrooms so they can have access to a fresh supply of caffeine at all times. Sure there's usually a fridge and a coffee pot in the lounge, but it's simply not feasible to leave the room every time you need a kick (or a refill!). So I'm sure some teachers are annoyed in Glendale, California when the local school district decided to ban personal coffee pots and refrigerators in an effort to save money.


On the other hand, is saving 60,000 dollars worth sacrificing teachers' personal comfort? I think that it's debatable. A lot of schools could use an extra sixty grand. But also, it's like I always say: A happy and healthy teacher is a more effective teacher.

How do you stay happy and healthy in your job?


Anonymous said...

I pray A LOT. And now I have started going to yoga class! Brenda

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, how do a I stay happy and healthy, you have opened a REALLY deeply sour note and issue in my career as a public high school teacher. My school district eliminated all personal items that were leeching power from their precious budget which meant I said goodby to my microwave, mini-frig, coffee pot, crock pot, alarm clock, snow cone maker, electric blanket, foot massager, strobe lights, black lights, and (worst of all) my power tools. This was on the coat-tails of the custodian throwing away my lazy boy recliner from last year because it took up too much room. Can you believe the nerve of that guy!!? Anyway, how do I keep sain and happy? Well, I suppose I could bring a thermos or something...

Anonymous said...

Well, you know I work mostly at home. I enjoy my piano breaks....lifts my spirit! Mom

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