Seven More School Days to Go!!

Signs of a Teacher in desperate need of Spring Break:

  1. You're wearing open-toed shoes in forty degree weather.
  2. You heave a great big sigh when the morning bell rings and your students come in (interrupting that internet game you were just playing).
  3. You invent clever excuses under the guise of academics to take the students outside in the nice weather.
  4. You spend your planning time fantasizing about all the fun projects you'll be able to do with your upcoming free time.
  5. Your motivation and energy level sink to dangerous depths.
  6. The kids are extra jittery.
  7. You are extra jittery.
  8. You develop violent feelings toward your alarm clock.
  9. You reassure your cats before you leave the house that very soon you will have a lot more time to rub their bellies.
  10. Time seems to tick backwards, or at the very least, stay in one place. This is especially true after lunch.


Brittney said...

haha :) VERY TRUE! The other day I found a "clever excuse" to go outside and teach! Spring Break here we come! :)

Anonymous said...

Violence toward your alarm clock? So, how many do you go through in a year?? Mom

Sarah said...

Lol, I agree 110%!! Thank goodness spring break is almost here!

Anonymous said...

What? No mention of chocolate! dad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

haha...I love #1 and #10 best!
Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Today we start ours. Thought it would never get here.
Tom Anselm, Author
"You're Never Too Old For Space Camp"

roller coaster teacher said...

#1 is totally me!!!

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