7:49 AM
I come very close to being run over by a car in the school parking lot. Despite my orange vest, my giant stop sign, and my hand extended in the universal sign for stop, the man in the green mini-van looks right at me and keeps driving. If I hadn't stopped, I would have been hit... not to mention the two kids I was crossing.

7:51 AM
I chase down the man in the green mini-van and give him a vigorous tongue-lashing about the safety of students and staff during drop off times in the school parking lot. Also? I kick in his door to make a point. Also? This whole paragraph is made up, but part of me really wish it happened.

8:00 -- 11:06 AM
I sit through one loooooong special education meeting. I have a break in the middle where I get to see kids for a whopping twenty minutes!

Sometime in the ten o'clock hour
I am embarrassed in front of the district lady because my paperwork isn't in order (you wouldn't think it was a big deal, but it actually has legal implications). It isn't actually all of my fault, but I can't explain that to the district lady without sounding whiny.

2:55 PM
It's my planning time. Instead of planning, I am filling out a mandatory online survey about my job and my district. The first question is: "How satisfied are you with your job?" I freeze because I'm at a loss for words. I proceed to fill out the survey with very thoughtful answers. I even censor myself when there's a place for comments titled: "What can we do to improve?" [And by censoring, I mean that I wrote quite a biting paragraph but then erased it all when I reread it and it sounded like I was throwing a tantrum.]

3:40 PM
My computer betrays me and I lose the entire survey. I'll now have to retake it tomorrow.

4:27 PM
I'm in the middle of my 54 mile commute home and I suddenly realize that I feel very cranky. I can't figure out why.

6:12 PM
In my rush to get dinner, I open a low cabinet so fast and so hard, I fail to notice that Mrs. Hufflepuff (one of the cats) was right in front of it. When the door hit her face, she did a back flip and an angry meow. She is no longer speaking to me.

As I tell the kids who get in trouble.... "Don't worry. Tomorrow is a brand new day"


Brittney Kaye said...

You know...the convo in the lounge today was about crazy parents who drive through our parking lot and about hit staff and KIDS! Our lady who does "drop off duty" actually DID hit a car today as hard as she could with her hand to let a parent know to SLOW DOWN!! (This particular person has been told DAILY about his driving habits!) Some people just don't get it! BTW...I love your blog...cute :)

Sarah said...

Wow, what a day. I think its the full moon haunting us. And catitude! Don't you love how they get back at you!

Anonymous said...

Remember re-phrasing...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was cranky this week as well...Thankfully, using your re-phrasing technique I feel better now!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't chocolate fix everything? Mom

Anonymous said...

That's why God's mercies and compassions must be renewed every morning! dad

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