Focus Interrupted

Do you realize how difficult it is to focus (on, say, your job) when you have Things on your mind? I'm trying to teach kids, or do paperwork, and thoughts about the future keep crowding my brain. It's like the very act of trying to NOT think about something makes you think about it.
Like if I was trying really hard not to think about pink rhinos... My thought process would go like this: "Pink rhinos. Wait! No! Stop! You can't think about pink rhinos right now because (pink rhinos!) you have to teach these kiddos. Focus on the pink rhinos. I mean, DON'T focus on pink rhinos. Hey do pink rhinos live in zoos? How much is real estate in pink rhino land? Would pink rhinos hire me as a teacher? Teach! Teach the kids! Stop it with the pink rhinos already! If God wants you to have a pink rhino, he will give you a pink rhino and that is that. But pink rhinos........."
And on and on it goes. Thinking and not thinking is exhausting.


Anonymous said...

Pink rhinos.

Angela said...

Mmmm, pink rhinos. I'm thinking of those iced animal cookies with sprinkles on then.

Yep, you're right. Impossible to stop thinking about.

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