Juggling Act

So, I'm finally back to school after one week off plus one bonus snow day. It's been great to see the kids again... It hasn't been so great to see the stack of IEP's waiting to be signed, copied, distributed, and finalized. Also? It wasn't a good feeling to suddenly remember that I have report cards due AND progress notes due in two days. TWO DAYS! How could such a responsible, dedicated teacher forget about something so major?? I have no idea... maybe selective memory? That excuse probably won't fly if I don't have my documents in order by Thursday...
As if it wasn't hard enough to get all of this stuff done (and teach some kids, don't forget to teach the kids...), I have major life issues on my mind right now like moving to a city 650 miles away with a school that has a deaf/hard-of-hearing program and an opening in the fall. And they're interested in my resume.
My mind is juggling between: thinking about the "what ifs", praying, and trying to do my job.


Anonymous said...

We're praying for the LORD's Will in all of this. dad

Sarah said...

Good luck on the job prospect! Hope it works out for you!

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