Possible reasons why my principal charges STAFF members one whole dollar for the privilege of wearing jeans on Friday (payable each Friday, thank you very much):

  1. To fund her new boat
  2. To gather enough money for early retirement
  3. Because what applies to students must surely apply to teachers as well
  4. Starbucks
  5. Because the staff doesn't deserve a break
  6. To pay for secret cameras in each of our classrooms
  7. Lunch money
  8. Because it's funnier that way


Anonymous said...

Um, what?!! I just discovered your blog, I am a fellow teacher, and I cannot believe this! How is this legal? Does the school board know? We can wear jeans every single day, no charge!

Anonymous said...

I can see it if it's going toward a school fundraiser, but really? Are you allowed to wear capris? You know, wearing capris will surely lower the IQs of our students... or something.


Randy et Jan said...

Maybe the money is for a staff appreciation dinner at the end of the year! Hah! Mom

Anonymous said...

We get the privilege of wearing jeans or not on Friday by paying as well. If you donate you jeanate. I assume if you don't donate the jeans must come off. The money goes to a breast cancer foundation...very sneaky

Sarah said...

That's crazy!! We pay to wear jeans everyday in October - to raise money for United Way. But Fridays? Those are free!!

Anonymous said...

Mine charges $5 on Fridays. The money goes to different charities though.

Mrs. K1 teacher said...

There has to be a better way to raise money for charity than charging people to wear what they want to wear. In my building, some teachers wear sweat pants! I typically do wear jeans on Fridays but that would stop if I suddenly had to pay to do so.

zsbana said...

Does this apply to males or females or both?

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