This makes the school day TOO long!

Tonight is "Meet the teacher" night. So I took advantage of my twenty minute commute (which just seems insanely short compared to my one-hour commute in Michigan!) to come home and hang out before tonight's festivities. Also, I knew there was a puppy waiting for me at home who has been feeling quite under the weather lately and I wanted to make sure and check on him.

Well, he seems to have turned a corner because the second he heard me come in, he started whining excitedly. And then when he saw me? Oh boy. I think he must be feeling a little better because his tail was wagging so fast it was a blur. And then he kept jumping up and down in all of the excitement. Awwww... It will be sad when I have to put him back in his room behind the baby gate (don't quite trust the cats yet) for when I go back to school this evening--Max won't get home till after that.

I'll be interested to see exactly how many parents show up for this thing tonight. Once again I am teaching at a regional program for deaf students so most of them live quite far away. And I really won't be able to blame parents if they don't want to drive all that way just for a meet and greet. My prediction is that three or four sets of parents will come out of the fourteen that I have. We shall see!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Barney is feeling better! It's nice to be greeted with such enthusiasm after work isn't it?! Nobody does that quite like a puppy.
:) Brenda

Randy et Jan said...

Hey, I act just like that when your Dad comes in!!!!!!!!!!! Then I put him in his room. Mom

Randy et Jan said...

Woof! Woof! Nothing excites me more than Jan.

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a whole different side to your family ! :)

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