Whining is inappropriate for #500

Wow. So this is my 500th post. Five hundred! That's a lot of pressure to come up with something fantastic to say on this momentous occasion. I really don't have anything extra special to say.

But do you know what was extra special about my day?

  1. My one fourth grader took his meds this morning so class wasn't a train wreck! YAY!!!!!
  2. I had a very important administrator drop by to observe me and my class this morning (unannounced). And I happened to be in the middle of a lesson that was semi-good and interactive; and due to number 1, I actually felt like I was in control of things!
  3. I won two different online giveaways today: one for a piece of jewelry of my choice, and the other one was a gift card to "Ecostore" (green, non/toxic products for the body and home). So yay me!!
  4. My wonderful husband is making dinner for us right now... yummm: stuffed peppers!
Hope all of you out there have had a good day too!


Dee said...

So you were the winner on Andrea's giveaway! I am very jealous.

I am holding a raffle on my blog if you want to enter. There are some very cool prizes, and it's for a great cause.

Randy et Jan said...

Can we trade Mondays? Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for hubby's! Missing you guys...
Love ya, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 500th! I am soooo glad you are faithful. You are wonderful in everyway...

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