A case of mistaken identity

My colleague teaches deaf education for the second and third graders in the classroom next to mine. She asked one of her darlings ("Charity") what she did over the weekend.
"I go to church!" she said.
"And what did you learn at church?" the teacher prompted.
"I learned about Jesus!" Charity replied.
"And where does Jesus live?"
"Right here in town!" Charity said proudly.
"Oh really? And what does Jesus drive?"
"A jeep. A BLUE jeep!!"

And as it turns out, Charity's pastor is Jesus.


Shell said...

LOL They probably need to work on clarifying that part a bit at church.

Sarah Garb said...

That's great! One of my kids last year pointed to a graveyard on a field trip and declared, "That's where Jesus is buried." He knew because of the cross...

Anonymous said...

There used to be a little boy at Bearinger that was sure Tim was Jesus! Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jesus was trying to help out the ailing Fiat-Chrysler merger!


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