Teachers are managers

**This post is inspired by a compilation of teachers

Signs you may need to a) revamp your classroom management system, or b) get a classroom management system:
  1. You blame the kids for their behavior.
  2. You blame the administration for your kids' behavior.
  3. The only management tool you use is threats.
  4. Your decisions are both arbitrary and inconsistent.
  5. You scream at the kids until your face and neck turn red. (True story!)
  6. You lose your voice often.
  7. You don't think you're yelling, but the kids are covering their ears.
  8. You tell your colleagues you're going to go work at IHOP.
  9. You accuse your students of being "ghetto" -- to their faces.
  10. You can't teach your lesson plans because you're too busy doing damage control.
If this sounds like you or someone you know, get help. You can start here.

After all, friends don't let friends teach mad.


Anonymous said...

haha..can't see you doing any of those things Sarah, so you must be talking about your co-workers! It's almost spring break! Tim had another snow day today, but he hurt his back chopping wood :(
Love you, Brenda

Anonymous said...

I admit to the IHOP one. All others never! I am horrified to think that it happens and actually have to admit it has happened to me in another form simply because of judgement, ignorance, and prejudice. But then, that is why I became a teacher!
~JO the teacher warrior

Shell said...

So many teachers who are really like that!

Anonymous said...

What? So that's what I did wrong as a parent! dad

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