Eleven more weeks

There are only a few hours left of Spring Break. I feel pretty good about all I've done since we've been back from our trip:

I went out to breakfast.
I wrote in my journal.
I shopped at the thrift store.
I went to a birthday party.
I took a bubble bath when the weather turned nasty.
I spent six hours on my sewing machine.
I made some greeting cards.

There would be more to that list if I could get motivated to do something with myself today but it's like my body is feeling prematurely tired just thinking about going back to school.

This is how I'll be feeling tomorrow:

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Maybe the rest of your school year will go surprisingly well--I hope so :) Love, Brenda

Dawn said...

Adorable picture. Sometimes we just need to sit and do nothing. I am impressed with what you do.
Wanted to stop by and thank you for entering my blog candy giveaway. Hope you stop in again. Thanks for becoming a follower.

Anonymous said...

Candy??? What candy????
Countdown, kiddo! You're going to make it!!! Love you, Mom

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