Maybe next time I'll get a barker

As of today, "Jose" is no longer in my classroom. His new teacher at his new campus in the behavioral unit is a 6'2, 253 lb black man. PERFECT.

So my fourth grade group in the morning is down from four to three. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around this new reality. I realized that I didn't have to hold my breath and watch the door to see if my little troublemaker would stroll in late this morning. The kids were visibly relaxed and much more themselves. And. Get this... are you sitting down?... I actually got to TEACH! Yes, teach! No more chasing Jose down the hall. No more interruptions and warnings and choices and limits. No more stress over which battle to pick with him. No more putting out fires he's started with the other students. No more random meowing (yeah, he would do that when he was feeling particularly defiant. Just a high pitched meow here and there. Not that funny, really.)

I know that troublesome students will find their way back into my classroom again eventually. But for now? I'm just taking advantage of the relative peace and quiet to do some hard core teaching!!


Jenny said...

It's amazing what a difference one student can make.

Randy et Jan said...

I am VERY happy for you, kiddo!! About that new teacher for Jose...send him my way for my class! Just filling the door frame as he enters would be enough!! Mom

Vanessa said...

Happy teaching!! Hopefully he will get the assistance he needs!

LINDSAY said...

It's funny to hear the teacher's take on these kids. I know my kid's class has one that sounds just like this. He's a huge distraction to their learning :(

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