Number 5 has not been ruled out

What do you do when your behavior specialist and your special education compliance supervisor pay you an unexpected visit? What do you do when they pull you out of your classroom WHILE YOU'RE TEACHING and demand to meet right then and there? What do you do when they yell at you and personally attack you for 46 minutes (yes, I kept track)? What do you do when your behavior specialist twists facts around to make you look bad? What do you do when your special education compliance supervisor questions your training? What do you do when two "superiors" who LEGALLY have no say in a certain matter (since they are non-voting members of the IEP team) try to exert their will?

Well... when they l left and I had finally caught my breath and picked my jaw up off the floor, I was faced with a few options:
  1. Call the superintendent and TELL ON THOSE MEANIES!
  2. Throw something breakable.
  3. File a grievance.
  4. Pout.
  5. Drown out the injustice in ice cream.
  6. Find reassurance from my awesome colleagues that I don't deserve to be bullied.
  7. Find their cars and slash their tires.
  8. Feel smug knowing that I'm in the right and they can't do anything about the IEP team's decision.
What I actually did was send both of these bullies an email (and cc'd my principal):

If you need to meet with me again at any time in the future, I will be happy to do so when you have scheduled an appointment, and with an administrator present.

Thank you.
It's unfortunate, really, that I'm a professional teacher (and a Christian one, at that!) and couldn't really do number 7. But I still might do number 3.


Anonymous said...

Good response do you think they had any realization that they just wasted 46 minutes of your teaching time with your students?? Brenda

Anonymous said...

Woah. I hope there wasn't any serious jaw clenching over this! And that you're able to put it behind you. I wonder if your principal will call you in for more details, and what her position in the power grid is in comparison to the other two. (I'm assuming she outranks them) Praying for you.......lots! Mom

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...sounds like the Enemy of our souls wants you to forget your vacation memories and the Master of the universe whats you to build character. Work place challenges and power struggles are not fun. Summer vacation is NOT FAR OFF. Think of all the folks who DON'T GET THAT PERK in their career of choice...

Anonymous said...

You know that JO and I would've helped w/ the tire slashing. And we could've celebrated with ice cream ;)

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