Never take fashion advice from fifth graders

Last week, I wore a chunky white bead necklace and one of my fifth graders said I looked like Wilma Flintsone.

Today I wore the cutest bright green dress from Old Navy. A different fifth grader pointed at me and said: "A green leper!!!"

He meant leprechaun. But that doesn't make me feel any better.


hannah said...

lol oh children, so blunt! I'm sure you look VERY cute and fashionable Sarah :)

Randy et Jan said...

From now on you'll have to go through the hallways yelling, "Unclean!! Unclean!!" Mom

Sarah said...

Lol! Wilma Flinstone was pretty cool!

Anna Varna said...

I know exactly what you mean! I've heard the best and worst of compliments from 5th graders too, like the one saying I dress like Holywood stars!! (still wondering if this is good or bad)

THE Disneyalnd Mom said...

I've spent most of my teacher career teaching fifth grade and I love the crazy stuff they say! Here's an exchange between two of my intervention students (boys) that you'll love:
Boy 1: Mrs. Robertson, you are really starting to look like you are pregnant. (Innocent and excited.)
Boy 2: You know what that means?! She's FAT! (Not so innocent, but just as excited.)

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