Here comes Peter Cottontail

I had a nice surprise visit from the Easter Bunny recently. He was brown, furry, and had a cute little cotton tail. He was waiting for me outside the portables where my classroom is. It was really early in the morning, before the kids invaded the quiet. He stopped about five feet away from me and just stared as I walked closer and closer. He finally scampered away into the bushes.
And he didn't even bring me an Easter basket. The jerk.
But spring has sprung! And even though I'm not coloring eggs or hunting for hidden candy, I could always make these cotton candy cupcakes, right? Hello, sugar overload!
And spring means Spring Cleaning. Or at least it does when your in-laws are coming for the week. Suddenly the cat snot on the walls (thanks, Gizmo), and the dried blood spots on the patio (thanks to Barney's lost toenail recently) come into sharp focus. And the table! Our beautiful table that somehow gets buried in mounds of mail... I've got to dig it out of the clutter tomorrow!
And I haven't even given a thought yet as to what we'll be serving at lunch or dinner on Easter Sunday. I'm thinking that sundaes on Easter Sunday might be the most appropriate thing to serve, no?


Max said...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the house!!! We will love it and just want us all to relax and have fun together...funny bunny story! See you tomorrow! Love, Brenda

Randy et Jan said...

Have a great Easter and don't sweat the small stuff! He is risen!! Love you, Mom

Life Without Pink said...

Ugh spring cleaning don't even remind me! We moved to a house that has way too many windows!

Melissa said...

Those cupcakes are cute and they're a great idea for a party!

Ugh. It's way too late. I already forgot what I read that I wanted to comment on. Good, right?

I hope you enjoyed your Easter!

And now that I've left a bunch of comments, I'm now going to hop back over to the frog and leave you some feedback there!

sunnymum said...

Mmm, those peep-cakes look tasty. I hope everything went well on Easter! We had rice krispie treat eggs for dessert. Not my idea, but it wasn't my house, so I just went along with it.

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