Read with a tone of dripping sarcasm

Tomorrow is The Big Day for my fifth graders: it's the first day of the three days they'll spend taking the state standardized test.

To "motivate" them, we held a pep rally for an hour this afternoon (argh, gag me!).

If months of after-school tutoring didn't do the trick, then SURELY this video will help them pass!


Anonymous said...


Randy et Jan said...

I can't believe I listened to the WHOLE thing!!! I know I'M motivated!!! Mom

Joyce said...

No joke...last year during our state test, I wore a pair of crazy ear rings and told the kids they wear my lucky TCAP ear rings. The kids couldn't wait to see if I had them on each day, and it brought a little fun while easing the tension of the test. I do not do well with testing pep rallys.

Traci said...

Oh gag. I couldn't listen past 30 seconds.
State testing...pfffft.

Ms. LaPointe said...

That cracked me up! It was so cheesy and uncomfortable that I'm absolutely going to have my students make their own versions! Ha!

Sarah said...

GREAT extension idea, Mrs. LaPointe!!

And Joyce, I'd love to get a pair of TAKS earrings :)

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