Things that made yesterday great:
  • Leaving school early to go hang out with the hubby and the in-laws
  • Getting more than six minutes to eat lunch
  • Self-serve frozen yogurt with a toppings bar (I may or may not have self-served too much!!)
  • Visiting a cowboy town
  • Seeing a man who had trained a cat to sit on top of a dog, and a rat to sit on top of the cat
  • Eating crepes for dinner, and feeling very French as we sat outside sipping Perrier
  • Blue Bell's Candy Jar ice cream for dessert (What? Ice cream twice in one day!? OH YES I DID!!)
Hope your day was filled with greatness too!


Randy et Jan said...

Enjoy yourselves!

Shell said...

I want ice cream now!

Randy et Jan said...

Too much fun! Mom

Lis said...

Hi, Sarah! Just dropping by your blog. Really interesting stuff! I'm going to school for my Associate of Arts in Elementary Education and then on to a BA in English Literature. I've always wanted to be a teacher and kudos to you! I'll love reading your blog. :)

Melissa said...

Cute post. What's the deal with the dog and the cat and the rat? It sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!

I like the idea of this post. Sweet, to the point, and fun to read!

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