Christmas craziness

The days right before a school vacation are always rather chaotic and stressful. I always have a million things to do, like make sure my lesson plans are ready to go for the week we get back, and clean my desk off so I don't feel overwhelmed with clutter in January.

Oh, and in my infinite wisdom, I decided to schedule two IEPs this week so that I'm EXTRA busy with a whole boatload of paperwork right before the holidays. Smart, huh?

And of course, I want to be a happy and fun teacher this week, scheduling special holiday projects and reading special seasonal books with the kids. I even have a little craft planned (a photo frame project I picked up last January at 90% off -- gotta love those sales!).

But the coup de gras is going to be when we come to school in our pajamas for a special showing of "The Polar Express" in the auditorium!

What about you? What craziness do you have planned with your kiddos this week?


Mrs. Fine said...

I shall live through you, as we go until mid-next week and I'm trying to get my DRAs done!! :-) Happy fun teachering. ;)

Sarah said...

Packing the entire school to move to a brand new school! Ugh. Did I mention that we haven't been allowed in it yet, school is out Friday (at noon), and we're expected to magically be able to teach the day we come back? Yeah, they want us to set up rooms over Christmas break. And I forgot to do lesson plans before I packed all my stuff! Oops! Sorry for my mini-rant. I'm sure I'll have a longer one on my blog soon! My kids have been painting ornaments - new experience for most (and also picked up after Christmas last year!) We've done Zumbatomic too!

Sherri said...

The school psych I report directly to had 3 IEPs just this afternoon. Man, what insanity!

My favorite thing is telling the kids (I see them once a week for 30 minutes) that I will see them next year! I know, it's childish.

jfb57 said...

You can keep most of it but move over with those PJs. My teddy & I need a seat!

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