yeah, someone might notice i'm missing

I'm too lazy to upload the pictures I currently have in my camera, so I thought I'd share an older picture of the cathedral in my parents' little French town:

We are still having fun with family here! Between braving the snowy roads to go on day trips, eating out at fabulous local restaurants that serve all my favorite dishes, and hanging out at home with board games and movies, I may just never return to Texas. My first graders won't miss me.... will they?


Pam said...

Stunning picture! I too, have at least a zillion pictures to upload from my camera. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes your kids WOULD most definitely miss you! Good news, bad news! Love, brenda

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place you are visiting! Jealous! I can't wait to see your pictures! And I hate to break it to you- they will notice you're missing, so YES- you have to go back.

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