There would only be ten kids in each classroom, K-5.
The basal reading series would be an optional resource.
The copier would never run out of toner or paper, nor would it jam.
The library would be overflowing with quality books.
Each classroom would have gobs of storage space filled with tons of Lakeshore materials (that you didn't have to buy yourself!)
The administration would leave you completely alone.
The teachers would decide which district and/or state tests to administer, and when.
The kids would get at least two recesses every day, K-5.
The classrooms would be JUMBO sized.
There would be a computer for each child.
All the school computers would always work, and never break down.
There would be an aide for every teacher.
There would be goodies in the teacher's lounge every day!
Whaddaya think? Did I miss any? Would you work at this school? I think most of us would be happy if just the first one could happen!


Jenny said...

I want a variety of outdoor areas (garden, playground, sandbox, etc.).

The only one I'm not sure I agree with is the administration one. I want an administration that I'm happy to have involved in my classroom.

Miss R. said...

That list makes my mouth water!! I think I would add a literacy coach that came in each day to help me target my tier 2 kids. 2 years of experience hasn't proved enough for me to know how to really help those kids grow.

Miss Teacher said...

Well, if we're about a small copier in my classroom?!

Oh, and maybe the ability to slow down time to squeeze in everything there is to do! :)

Cortney said...

You don't even want to know how many of those things already exist in the school I currently work's not all it's cracked up to be.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I would work there forever. Especially with that copier that never jams or runs out of paper.

Anonymous said...

"Parents would back the teacher" would also be on my list! dad

teachermum said...

Hire me now!

Anonymous said...

Might as well throw in back rubs!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd also like lots of Thank You notes from my students now, and several years later! :) --Rebekah

Literacy Teacher said...

The assessment/state testing obsession would end!! Students and teachers would have more time to be creative, critical thinkers!!!!

malia said...

great wish list! Lakeshore rocks... I love it too! Makes me want to be a teacher J

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