I can't believe I said that

Things I've had to say to my students this week:

"Get that necklace out of your mouth!"

"Bacon comes from pigs. Yes! It does."

"You don't need to pull your pants all the way down to pee."

"You DO NOT say 'you can't make me' to a teacher."

What's come out of your mouth this week?


Cortney said...

I've said...

"Get my necklace out of your mouth"

"Pull your pants all the way down to pee"

Seriously, I said these two things this week!

SharleneT said...

I wasn't in school, but I did say, "I know the meeting's on Thursday, and,uh, today is Wednesday... uh, so, this was a trial run to make sure I remembered how to get to your house!" See. I think on my feet.

Sparkling said...

I said:

Chester, get that gum out of your mouth and then sit down and pay attention. Hey, Angela, where are you going? To throw away gum! What did I say to you when you walked in the room? Throw away gum. And what did you do? I threw away gum. So why are you throwing away gum right now? Because Chester gave me some! OMG you have a detention for Monday because your behavior is SO RIDICULOUS! (ok, I didn't say OMG but I'm saying it now!!!)

Ashli said...

"I'm caucasion because my mommy & daddy are both caucasion!"

"You need to get your hand out of my pocket. Now."

"If you're going to rap, don't use the ugly words & try to use your spelling words." (& he actually did incorporate them!)

"If you eat that popsicle stick I'm going to have to call your mom so that she can come take you to the hospital."

"You can eat that paper, but remember where paper comes from....yes, trees....and we all know what lives in trees & uses the bathroom on trees." (we don't eat paper anymore!)

In case you can't tell....I'm a 4-6 SpEd teacher :)

Anonymous said...

Non, tu ne peux pas voir si le culte est fini ou pas. Assieds-toi!!!!

jfb57 said...

I've had weeks like that! It's nearly the w/e!

Anonymous said...

You DON'T take your pants all the way done????

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

"You picked that hat and now you have to wear it."

How mom-like was that?

Maranda said...

I'm not a teacher and only have my kiddo but I've definitely had to say things like:

"Stop telling me no!"

"Yes, you do know how to stop crying."

"I don't like it when you yell at me."

"You don't put bouncy balls in your mouth! That's dangerous."

"She can play with your toys too. Sharing is good."

Gotta love those kiddos.

Oh. And one I had to say to The Hubble:

"You cannot watch Anthony Bourdain until you call Firestone and USAA."

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