murphy's law in the classroom

Murphy's law can especially bite you in the butt at school. Consider:

*Your principal stops by for an unscheduled visit on the day you are least prepared.

*The copier jams just as you are feeding in your week's worth of worksheets. Then it breaks.

*The only staff bathroom is occupied and you really have to go. Also? You left your class with another teacher for this emergency.

*The fire drill goes off five minutes into your classroom party.

*A student spills his pudding just as you've finished the last roll of paper towels.

*On the day you were going to actually get all of your planning done, the kids are indoors for recess due to rain.

*Your computer freezes/crashes right as you go to record grades (or type up that IEP!)

What do you think.... did I miss any?


Erin said...

You have an awesome day planned that utilizes technology and the internet goes down. (This one ALWAYS happens to me.)

Cortney said...

In my classroom the students produce more poo the day I run out of baby butt wipes.


The day my student independently initiates a picture exchange request for popcorn is the day that I don't have any. (First time in 3 months of training that he's done this)

Sparkling said...

How on earth do we do it?? I have had just about every one of those happen. Even better would be the day you have a bathroom emergency, you have to wait and FINALLY get in and then just as you are about to go, the fire alarm goes off and now that other teacher has your kids and hers.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I've been at my full-time para gig for a whole week now. No two days have been the same. Not even remotely. This morning my kid fell asleep. I feel like my mind has been erased by the end of the day. What law is that?

malia said...

That's very funny. I feel your pain on the copier-- when I volunteer I am crossing my fingers nothing jams and I don't to ask the grumpy front desk lady to help me. When the copier works well I feel like I've won the lottery!

Anonymous said...

I hate Murphy!

teachermum said...

What a great post! You compiled such a good list I think you covered them all. Should I be saying "Thank God" I can't think of any more?
I had a great laugh. Well done.

Shell said...

Oh, these things always have to happen, don't they?

teacher2mom said...

haha! This totally takes me back to my teaching days! Great blog! Love your sense of humor. ;)


Sarah said...

What about that awesome field trip outdoors? You have all sorts of great activities planned - hiking, picnic, meeting farm animals - and it RAINS ALL DAY?!

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