Parents, you're welcome

Yesterday, we had our Valentine's Day Party at school. In fact, all Valentine's Day parties were celebrated at 1:30 yesterday at our school - per the principal's decree.

Are you the kind of teacher that thrives on classroom parties? I used to be, I really did. But lately, I find that the very mention of a classroom party makes me want to hide under my desk with earplugs and a stress ball.

This year we have a fantastic room mom who took it upon herself to provide each first grader with a shoe box (wrapped in pink or red paper). She also took care of ordering the pizzas, bringing the juice, and bringing paper plates and napkins!

So we should have had a pretty stress-free party.

Except it's a classroom party at the end of the day on Friday, with lots of SUGAR and EXCITEMENT, so of course there was still some stress!

Especially when some genius in the front office decided that ten minutes into all the parties would be the PERFECT time for a fire drill.

[In fact, as soon as I heard the fire alarm, I may have shouted into the sudden silence: ARE. YOU. KIDDING ME!!! Good thing our classroom is right next to the front office. Whoops.]

When we got back from the ill-timed fire drill, we set about passing out our Valentine's Day cards. It still amazes me how excited and overjoyed the kids are to receive a preprinted little Scooby Doo Justin Bieber note from their friends!

Once we passed out our Valentines, we passed out from too much pizza, too many cookies, and three different kinds of cupcakes!

Then we sent the kids home!


Jenny said...

A fire drill? During a class party? At a time that had been set school-wide?

I'd probably have yelled something much less acceptable.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

One thing about living in the stink cold North is that we don't worry about fire drills. It's been 12 degrees out - they wouldn't dare!

I'm always grateful for my kid to come home all sugared up. Thanks. :)

Elissa Newton said...

Don't worry we will feed them donuts and chocolate milk right before we bring them back Monday morning:-)

Cortney said...

I'm not a fan of classroom parties anymore either. The kids have diet restrictions and it's really hard to let 10 kids eat cupcakes and let the others drool while they have to eat their gluten free-lactose free-sugar free-germ free-flavor free substitutes.

Pinks My Ink said...

I stress over classroom parties too. It is the one thing I really wish I didn't have to do, but I love everything else about 1st grade. A fire drill would have thrown me over the edge! Good job on keeping your cool!

jfb57 said...

As a HT I hated school parites & discos so I know jsut how you felt. I cannot understand why soemone would be so mean as to arrange a fire drill - just plain mean if you ask me. Still, at least you can tick that one off!

Anonymous said...

Amazing timing for a fire drill! What were they thinking!!! Maybe some staff person wanted to sneak into the class rooms while no one was there and sample the treats!! Any chocolate missing?

Sarah Garb said...

Oh man--terrible timing! Glad you survived the sugar high! What a great room parent, though.

Sparkling said...

no parties allowed at my school. per the bus company !!??!! they say kids are too nutty on the bus afterward. they called and complained to the superintendant that kids seemed high on sugar the day before christmas break and they must have had too many candy canes.

and we had an evacuation for real and a fire alarm for real one day after the other in very cold weather. so not fun. hearing that noise makes us all twitch.

Anonymous said...

Tough day! dad

Maranda said...

Oh that's ridiculous!! I'm glad you guys had a good party anyway.

Charlotte said...

I would like to point out that I would be complaining if I went to your school because all parties at the same time is terrible if you have three kids in the school.

But I can't really complain as I went to none of the parties this year. I'm not even sure they had them.

Teachinfourth said...

Man, my principal would never do that...and if he did, he'd always warn us first. Are you sure your principal likes you guys?


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