shame... shame on me

There are two kinds of teachers in this world: those who send their students to the nurse for every little scrape and boo-boo, and those who downplay everything and make the kids tough it out.
I'm of the second camp.

*A kid falls down? "You're fine!" I say.
*Does your head hurt? "Go get a drink of water!" I say.
*Are you bleeding? (Wait, let me get out my magnifying glass for this one...) "Here's a bandaid now get back to work" I say.

So a few days ago, when I noticed some teeny-tiny red spots on "Thomas's" hands and wrists, I didn't think much of it. I asked him if his wrists were itchy, and he said no. So I figured he was fine. He wasn't complaining about it!

It occured to me that I should maybe ask the nurse to look at it just in case, but it was the end of the day and I forgot.

Today, a different teacher sent Thomas to the nurse. This teacher is more caring, and clearly belongs to the first type of teacher.

After she examined him, the nurse came to find me right away. She interrupted my lesson and pulled me out in the hallway. She told me I needed to send Thomas home, and clorox down all the surfaces in my classroom immediately- anything he could have touched.


He has scabies.


Shell said...


I was that kind of teacher, too. And am that kind of mom.

But, right now, I just feel itchy.

Tickled Pink said...

OMG! Im the same as you... but ick- that is disgusting!

Jill said...

I taught for a few years...

I didn't send my kids to the office for everything...but anything out of the ordinary, I'm on top of it..don't feel bad for not realizing right away. everybody does that at one time or another :) especially if the kid says it doesn't bother them.

and now I have the heebie jeebies! LoL..

Mrs. Magee said...

Ahhh! I'm the same way. Worse I've gotten in my class is ringworm.

Jenny said...

That would be exactly how it would play out in my classroom as well. Most of the time I think that's a good thing.

Earlier this year one of my students fell of the monkey bars. I sent her inside for a drink of water. (In my defense our clinic aide was out that day.) An assistant principal came out a few minutes later to tell me that they were sending her to the hospital because they thought she broke her arm. They were right.

On the positive side, I think she came out to tell me because she thought I was worried. Not because she knew I was clueless.

Good luck!

Elissa Newton said...

Yeah, I'm that kind of Mom.

Sent my son to school with chicken pox.

Hey he had the vaccine. I thought he had a couple ant bites from playing in the yard.

Go ahead and judge me.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Yuck. I'm going to itch all day. I don't know if itching is even a symptom, that's just the way my brain works!

Cortney said...

Ow! Good luck with that one. I am the type of teacher that will try to send a kid to the nurse, but most of the time their parents can't come get them and they can't stay in the NO all day. Crap!!

Sparkling said...

Me too. I mean I'm that kind of teacher. I don't have scabies. But someone in my family once did and the world came to an end. We all had to put on this nasty thick creme to kill any that might be thinking about landing and then shower and then wash every blessed thing. my mother freaked out and kept saying only dirty people get scabies. I used to a program at a nursing home with 8th grade and for 5 weeks we couldn't go one year because scabies was rampant at the home. But no one could figure out what the rash was. Eventually a dermatologist was called in and in 2 seconds was like oh, scabies and they were treated and went away.

Anonymous said...

Better than poux in Trainou?

Kenzie said...

OMG! But I am the same as you when it comes to my own kids, if you fall down, hop up and down and you will feel better and I am sure if you aren't bleeding you are going to live! Hope no one else gets it!

Anonymous said...

EWWWW! I always, always tell the nurse about rashes, spots, and blisters for this very reason. My bottles of hand sanitizer, nontoxic for the kids, regular for me and my container of chlorox wipes for surfaces. Now I'm itching.


Maranda said...

Oh no!!!! I probably would have done the same thing.

Charlotte said...

I prefer teachers like you. Probably because I am the same way as a mother. "I'm sure you'll be fine, just walk it off." I have a lot of "stomach aches" that I sent off to school with calls later to pick up my throwing up kid (although more often they are fine and don't unnecessarily miss a day of school).

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