an educator's reference guide to snow days

Today marks our second snow day in a row! Our area of Texas got hit with freezing rain/sleet/snow. And the coldest temps in fifteen years! Unfortunately, we have to make up any snow days we take (but I'll just let Future Sarah worry about that!)

In the meantime, enjoy this handy reference guide to snow days:

Snow Days:

Standard Snow Day: You knew it was coming, and it came!

Over-hype Call: There was supposed to be a storm. They panic and call it. Then there's barely any snow.

The Perfect Storm: A huge storm is forecast. You get the call that school will be canceled tomorrow. And it's Thursday night. (Yay THREE day weekends!)

The Double Whammy: Same as The Perfect Storm but with more than one snow day in a row.

The Surprise Party: You had no idea there was any chance of a snow day. You wake up in the morning to a surprise call and get as excited as a kid at Christmas!

The Fun Snow Day: School is canceled due to freezing rain... which melts by the time you wake up!

The Too Cool for School: It's twenty below and too cold to wait outside for the school bus. Or start your car.

The Heart-breaker: A two hour delay instead of a snow day.

The Tormentor: A standard snow day, but your power is out. And the roads are too bad to go anywhere. You're cold, you're bored, and you wish you were at school after all.

The Missed Memo: You get to school, only to find out that the doors are locked and school was canceled while you were on your way.

The Hostage Situation: It's the Missed Memo, plus you get stuck at school because Mom and Dad dropped you off before you realized. And now the teachers are stuck because the kids can't be left at school alone...

Non-snow Days: 

The Over-hype: Everyone thought it was going to be the Snowpocalypse, and instead it's just overcast.

The Stubborn No-call: The weather is bad enough, but they won't call it because the last snow day was a mistake (see Over-hype Call) OR they've already called too many snow days.

The Odd Man Out: Every other district EXCEPT YOURS has called a snow day.

The Toughman Contest: There's an escalating war between superintendents to see who can tough it out the longest.

**This post could not have been written without my husband's expertise!**

What do you think... did we miss any?


Anonymous said...

The pretend knew it was coming, believed in it and called in from ....MEXICO!!

Elissa said...

Oh, I always envied snow days. We got called for smog once! ;-P

Sparkling said...

We had an ice day once. It was scheduled to be below zero and even though it's new england, they cancelled the day before. rumor was they were worried that the furnace might break down. and they were worried about kids waiting at the bus stop and freezing to death. i thought it was a joke. that was the weirdest snow day ever.

Miss Teacher said...

hahaha this pretty much sums it up!! i remember having some of those as a kid, including over-hype call and the stubborn no-call! here in the midwest we literally were buried in snow this morning. while we finally have unburied ourselves,the forecast for tomorrow is so scary-cold that they called a second snowday at 3pm! woohoo!

hope you enjoyed your day off!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Everything is Truth. I hope you have enough to do at home!

Charlotte said...

This is hilarious! Too true. I've experienced all those before!

Sarah Garb said...

Oh, such the emotional rollercoaster trying to predict which one it'll be! You've really got them all. We here in DC had a Standard last week, and then a couple of Over-Hype situations this week. Any way it goes, it keeps me running to the weather websites and school closing websites!

Cortney said...

How about the early release snow day? You know the kind when you get to school and all the kids show up and then at 10 or so they decide that by 2:30 the roads will be too bad to release the kids so they declare an early release? Have you ever had one of those? I had that several times while in PA and it was awesome. And if you got an early release snow day then the chance that the following day would be a snow day increased 10 fold!

I always enjoyed the Too Cool for School days the best. Unfortunately, the chance on a snow day here in California is slim to none...although I have heard rumors that they will call "rainy days" when the streets flood, I can only pray for this kind of luck.

Happy snow day to you!

elysabeth said...

Ms. Sarah, I must say you literally had me laughing out loud. Back a couple of weeks ago when we got hit with what was supposed to be a 1 or 2day snow day and ended up being a 5-day snow day - I was glad when the kiddos went back to school after MLK day. I just found out that we will have to make up at least one snow day (scheduled already in April - was supposed to be a day off but scheduled as a snow make-up day) with two more scheduled after the end of the school - the Monday and Tuesday after the kids would be out for the summer - but they are still deciding whether to forgive the other four days and just have the one make-up day or what they are going to do. Anyway - hope you enjoy your time off and maybe you can get caught up on something fun for you - E :)

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Shell said...

The WORST for me was the 2 hour delay FOR STUDENTS but teachers report at normal time...and then some parents don't know and they drop their kids off anyway(why they do this when there is no one out there to get their kids, I don't know) and you get stuck with just a handful in your room for 2 hours, so you can't really go off and get things done

SharleneT said...

Yeah, Shell's is the one I don't understand, at all. If the students can't get there, what in the name of all that's holy makes them think the teachers can make it -- or, are they housed on the periphery of the school grounds? This is graded on a curve at the peak of mediocrity!

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Mrs. Fine said...

I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, but you and hubs nailed them! Luckily, I got a 'perfect storm' this week...only it was Wednesday so a mid-week break! Funny post! :-)

malia said...

you are so flippin funny! i'm not a teacher but as a mom, i have very similar reactions to snow days. xo

~*~Ash~*~ said...

This was really cute. Today was our 100th day- and it was crazy because we had a sudden freak blizzard and we had an early release! I've never seen snow that big before!

Very cute blog- I like your wit! :)

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