a different kind of day

We have an all-day professional development meeting today, so that means no kids!!

I kind of relish these days as a welcome break from routine. I'll be honest though... I usually don't look forward to the actual content of the meetings. Unless I'm the one presenting, I rarely get anything out of it.

I have this absolute fantasy that our principal, in a magnanimous gesture, is going to let all of us go work in our classrooms for half the day. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

But in all reality? The most bestest part of a professional development day is ... going out for lunch!


Kristin W said...

You could not be more right! We have a professional development day this Friday. I am looking forward to a four day week with the students and lunch out :) And agreed, I never get much (especially for teachers with specialized curriculum) out of them.

Sarah Garb said...

PD lunch is the best! On the down side, though, not nearly as many funny quotes or stories ;) Hope you have a relaxing and productive day!

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