Job Hazards for the Kindergarten/First Grade teacher

From mildly annoying to downright unsafe, here's a brief list of job hazards for the early elementary teacher:

1. Getting the "days of the week" song stuck in your head.

2. Being referred to every once in a while as "mom".

3. Cleaning up the occasional vomit and/or pee.

4. Paper cuts.

5. Bladder infection from holding it too long.

6. Getting covered in glitter and finding it on your person even days later.

7. Getting sick from school germs.

8. Getting the "months of the year" song stuck in your head.

9. Getting your hands covered in various spots of marker.

10. Getting knocked over from a spontaneous (and lovingly violent) hug. 

Whaddaya think? Did I miss any?


Jill said...

Haha, the spontaneous hug! I often experience this as well as the "group hug" where I have ten or more tiny children hugging me from every direction and I fear for my life as I tilt back and forth!!

Sneaker Teacher said...

Wow I feel really lucky that even though I occasionally have vomit or pee in the classroom, I am not the one who has to clean it up! Not fun!

Anonymous said...

Getting Tooty Ta stuck in your head - coming home and then singing it out loud so your husband can hear it and you don't even know that you are singing it out loud!

Rachel said...

I love all of these... because I've experienced every single one as a Sunday School teacher too!

And how does a deaf person get "Days of the Week" to the tune of the Addams Family stuck in her head. If you find out, will you please let me know how to pause it??? :)

Charlotte said...

I must say a hundred times a day "I love you, but please do NOT hug (and/or jump on) me while I am bending over." And that is with one 2nd grader. In a classroom I might just live knocked over on the floor all the time.

Jim Wheelin said...

Ha! I can totally relate to #3. I was doing some kindergarten math games and one girl had to go to the bathroom and called me to tell me but could not hold it and I had to hold her and run to outside! But my favorite is definitely #10.

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