rules and regulations

"Gilberto" started on Friday. He was on his best behavior!! Will this trend continue? Let's hope so! He is a cutie patootie and the other first graders are glad to have him back.

Nevertheless, I'll be doing a quick reminder of our rules and reward system tomorrow. Most All kids need to be periodically reminded of our agreed-upon rules. You know, like every day for the first two weeks of school, after Christmas break, Spring break, and like.... the weekend.

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Sparkling said...

It's amazing how they know they are doing wrong and they do it and can admit it. At 6th grade lunch, a kid went racing through the caf like his life depended on it. I meandered over to hiim, don't know him from Adam and said "what do you think I'm going to say?" He immediately said "Don't run?" Yep. Unless you're running for your life! They know, even in kindergarten! They just hope they can get away with it like they do sometimes!

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