stay or go?

That is the age old question if you're a teacher who's feeling sick: Do I stay home and get some rest so I can recover from this? Or do I go in to work anyway?

As teachers, we can sometimes believe that if we stay home and leave our students in the hands of an emergency substitute (no matter how good our sub lesson plans are), THE WORLD WILL END: chaos and mayhem everywhere! True or not, it can be a major hassle to be out sick.

I'm feeling under the weather. Not sick enough to stay home (no fever/stomach ache/headache) but coughing a lot, lethargic, and generally weak. So I soldiered on and went to school.

Today after a particularly loud sneeze of mine, "Brayden" asked: "Why you sneeze?"

"Because I'm sick."

"You should go home," he told me in all of his first grade wisdom.

"But if I go home, who will teach you?"


"The GYM teacher!"

There you have it, folks: next time I call in sick, I'll just tell the office to leave my students in P.E all day!


Sparkling said...

It's not so much that the world will end, it's more "they will RUIN EVERYTHING and I'll get back and they will have shredded my books, painted on my posters and turned over all of my desks" this has never happened, but i will go to that classroom on my deathbed before i will give in. i have called in sick twice in 16 years. once because i was crampy and actually made myself sick from ibuprofen and once because k-ster had just had surgery and couldn't manage on his own the first day. oh, and once, i went to school with severely swollen tonsils but went to the doctor when an extra sub was handy. so maybe i've had 3 sick days. i'm just not one to give in. k-ster has some cold thing right now which is very out of season and out of the blue and very not like him. i'm preparing my hazmat suit for sleeping right now. can't get sick the first week of school!!

Mommy on the Spot said...

I remember that awful feeling of calling in sick, or worse, calling in advance. I hated making sub plans!

Hope you feel better soon!

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