a fun countdown book

As part of our curriculum, we have Ten Dogs in the Window as a big book. Are you familiar with this story? It's absolutely charming!

It's a countdown book (so it has potential for math integration!) and my kids LOVE predicting which dog each person will choose. After a while, they figure out that the people are choosing dogs just like them! I wish we had more time with it because there are a few extension ideas that would be great activities for my first graders:

*Writing: "I would choose this dog because....."
*Adjectives: each dog is so different!
*Write a continuation of the story (there's a bit of a cute twist at the end)
*Vocabulary: hopeful, disappointed, adopted

I really love countdown books. And the kids love the predictable text! Do you have any favorite countdown books?


Anonymous said...

Is Barney just like you??? Love you, Mom

Miss Griffin said...

We had that book in my old reading adoption. The kids LOVED that story and always wanted to reread it!

Angel Read said...

What a cute book! I love books about pets.

Ms. Gruver said...

We just read this book this week with our reading series! I love it! I like your writing extension activity! I might have to try that!

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