Where do boogers go?

When our communication specialist picked up my little group of kindergartners from their general ed. classroom last week, there was a bit of drama.

"Ms. H!! Ms. H!!", little 'Julie' cried. "Maria wiped her burger on my leg!!"

When Ms. H realized that Julie meant BOOGER, she had to take a moment to compose herself. She dealt with the incident, then on her way to her classroom with the kids, she popped in to mine to apprise me of the situation.

I giggled.

I giggled even louder later in the afternoon when I had these same kindergartners listening to the story "Warthogs in the Kitchen." There comes a moment in the middle of the book where they consider adding pickles to the cupcake better.

I paused in my reading. "Pickles?!?" I asked my students dramatically.

"Noooooooooo!" they all replied.

And then Julie added: "And no BURGERS either!!"


Randy et Jan said...

Kids say the silliest things!! I wonder if you kept it together! Love you, Mom

Sarah Garb said...

There is really NO GOOD ANSWER to the question in the title of your post. I can think of many really unappetizing places that they end up. [shudder] It's good to establish that "burgers" do NOT go in cupcakes ;)

Elissa said...

As a young mom I decided that boogers and snot meant "I Love You". Since I got so much of it wiped on my shoulders and legs I was VERY loved. That rational would probably work well for teachers too :)

Venassa said...

Haha I definitely wouldn't want 'burgers' in my cupcake batter. Kids say the cutest things.

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