Staff Development Reverse Psychology

Last week, the principal told us we had a meeting after school about implementing Writer's Workshop in our classrooms.

We all dragged ourselves there despite our stress.

But then a funny thing happened. The principal announced at the beginning of the meeting that we could leave and go home if we felt like we had a handle on Writer's Workshop.

[I don't know if the principal was in a fantastic mood, if she was being compassionate because she knows how stressed we are, of if she was high, but it happened!]

So... I look around the room and no one is making a move. I gather my things like I'm thinking about leaving (because I am: I've actually been following the mini-lessons in the book they gave us at the beginning of the year!) and everyone's eyes are on me!

So I try to play it cool and say with a smile:

"Well, I think I have a handle on it - If I'm wrong I hope you'd tell me to sit right back down!"

Everyone laughs.

I lose my nerve and slowly sit back down.

It was a long meeting.


Anonymous said...

CHICKEN!!! You would have been a frightened hippie...

Bethany said...

Aw, man, that sucks! Principals really are evil!

Charlotte said...

Peer pressure is a killer.

Randy et Jan said...

True. Peer pressure never ends! Your story made me crack up!! Love you, Mom

Miss Teacher said...

oh my goodness that is crazy!!! I totally would have been too scared to stand up and leave! What a mean principal trick. :)

Thanks for the vegan recipes btw!! You are the sweetest. I'm planning on trying them sometime this week!

Angel Read said...

Awkward! You should have left your things in the car before the meeting, so you could just get up to use the bathroom and then mysteriouly disappear!

Angela said...

Wow! I don't know what to think about that. Part of me feels like it was nice for the principal to give a choice, but if it's not really a choice...hmmm...not sure what s/he could have said or done differently to make it so that people felt comfortable actually leaving. Would have been better, I guess, to offer two different PD topics, one on basic Writer's Workshop and have one 'unconference' (participant-driven) group meet to talk about more advanced WW techniques and practices.

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