read my lips, not my face

I have an over-sensitive first grader named "Adam."

He has a lot of issues going on at home, so it's easy for me to be compassionate rather than short tempered when he starts talking in his kermit-the-frog voice and when he laughs long and loud at completely inappropriate times.

The problem for me comes whenever I give him a direction. He equates my "teacher" face with an "I'm gonna hurt you" face. I don't yell my directions. I say please and thank you when I give directions. I am not a mean teacher (I promise!). But for whatever reason, he will misinterpret the look I have on my face, point accusingly at me, and say:

"You're MAD at me!"

I've stopped numerous times to explain that I am not mad at him, that this look on my face means that I'm serious - not mad. But he's still not getting it.

I have the guidance counselor working with him (and with me!) about it, so I think there's some hope.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to be super conscious of my eyebrows when I give a direction!!


malia said...

That's interesting-- everytime I read one of you posts about teaching I think what a wonderful teacher you must be!

Angel Read said...

Aww, poor little kid! Maybe you could show him photos of different faces and help him practice knowing the difference between an angry face and a serious face... and the difference in voice tones as well?

Charlotte said...

My daughter does this to us all the time. Of course, she is a teenager so I think it is usually her hormones interpreting the facial expressions.

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