Cue the picture taking

All week, the kindergartners have been practicing in the auditorium for the Thanksgiving Program. I've been there to help and assist (I'm so glad I'm not in charge of this thing!).

Let me tell you, it is quite a production to get 54 five-year olds to stand in the right place - even with tape. And then getting them to sing loudly, keep smiling, leave their neighbor alone, stop touching the stage curtains, and to watch the lead teacher for their cues.... practically impossible!

This is really one of those times that I have to leave my perfectionism aside and remember that they're going to be adorable - mistakes and all. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that the parents LOVE those cute and funny mistakes.

So on Tuesday when it's time for the Big Show, I'll just take a deep breath.... even when little David has his finger in his nose.


Bethany said...

Sometimes I actually hope that some kid will mammothly screw up because it spices things up. Bonus points if it's my kid and no blood is involved.

Parents are the biggest attention whores on the planet!

Elissa said...

Or when Sally hides by pulling her skirt over her head. LOL I LOVE kinder productions. One year the teacher had all the kids sing Wild Thing while he played guitar. Priceless.

Angel Read said...

Yeah, the mistakes are definitely the cutest part! Just seeing all of them up there together, trying their best, is adorable! :D

malia said...

haha... i remember my son had a classmate that picked his nose and ate it for the whole year. I would stare at him when I was in there volunteering to dissuade him but it never worked!

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