Hello friends, I'm back from a week off from blogging. I had a fabulous Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to sharing more about it later in the week, but for now I'd like to pick up exactly where I left off.
As you might recall from the previous post, I had some wonderful Thanksgiving activities planned for Friday - mainly the Turkey Tracks recipe. When I got to school that day, I had an email from my principal stating that she needed me to be in an emergency behavior meeting with the parents of one of my first graders. It was good that we had this meeting, but the timing was all wrong. I pull my first graders from 9 to 11. The behavior meeting started at 9 and didn't end until 10:45.
So by the time I got back to my room, there was no time for Turkey Tracks.
But I still had hope for my Kindergarten group in the afternoon. At the last minute, we decided to join my colleague for a Thanksgiving video. I thought it was going to last for 30 minutes, but the movie took a little over an hour to finish. And.... any hope of making Turkey Tracks in the remaining 45 minutes was squashed when I had to do damage control for "Martha". Martha thought it would be great fun to kick me repeatedly in the shins, tear down my calendar board, and pour the ranch dressing from her snack over my table.
It was a very discouraging day. For the first time in seven years, the thing that is keeping me from having fun in the classroom ISN'T the administration, ISN'T the curriculum... it's the kids.
Here's to hoping things will only get better from here.....


Elissa said...

I always take comfort that when the KJ Bible describes events it reads, "It came to pass." I always remind myself during hard days. " It came to pass, not to stay."

You are a wonderful teacher.

Hugs and prayers.

Angel Read said...

Aww, its heartbreaking when you have such great plans and you're so excited to do it with the kids because you know they'll love it, and then your plans get shoved out of the way. :( Hopefully you can do it next year... and in the mean time there's still Christmas coming up!

malia said...

I'm sorry that is a bummer! See it's a sign you are such a good teacher that you even had that planned! xo

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