A Hopeful Monday

Friday was an easier day, partly because:

1. Marta punched me in the face on Thursday and was suspended on Friday.
2. My colleagues cheered me up with fresh flowers and a Starbucks gift card (!!)

I'm hoping today goes well. I have a new student starting today (my second in one week!) and a new table arrangement that seems promising for keeping two particular first graders (who like to feed off each other) out of each other's eyesight. I also have a shiny new behavior plan for one of my first graders... with walkie talkies and everything!!

So there's hope. I'm still feeling overwhelmed though. I'm now responsible for 12 students... that's MORE THAN HALF of all the of the students in our hearing impaired program.

I want to be able to do this. Do this well!


malia said...

Oh goodness. Sarah I am so sorry about Marta. That was nice of your colleagues!

Elissa said...

Hope you had a great Monday :)

Miss Kat's Parents said...

I think 12 is too many for a deaf class! My daughter's school never has more than four.

Randy et Jan said...

How many days 'til Thanksgiving?? On the bright side, you sure have some great colleagues!! Love you, Mom

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