When Kids are blunt

More than anyone, kids tell it like it is.

Are you sporting a big angry zit today? You can be sure one of your students will ask you what "that big red thing" is on your face.

Wearing a new white necklace? Some kid may tell you that you look like Wilma Flintstone.

But sometimes kids can be quite ego boosting with their comments. Like every time I walk into the general education kindergarten classroom to pick up my kiddos for language arts. Without fail, I will hear a chorus of:

"I like your necklace!!!!!!"
"I like your earrings!!!!!!!"
"I like your boots!!!!!!!!!!"
"I like your shirt!!!!!!!!!!!"

And recently, after the chorus of praises had died down a little, Andrew piped up with:

So if you need a little self-esteem boost, go find a kindergarten classroom near you!


Elissa said...

My mother ran a home daycare/preschool when I was a teenager. One of the little girls always told me I looked like a princess every time I wore my sparkly headband. Then once I let the beauty school dye my hair & it turned kind of orange. But she just thought now I was the little mermaid.

Sunny said...

I had a student last year who whenever I would wear a dress or a pretty blouse, she would yell "YOU LOOK SO PRETTY TODAY!" ;)

Sarah Garb said...

I mean, you can't get tired of hearing you look awesome! On the more blunt side of the equation, I have a crooked tooth that sometimes gets, "Your tooth is loose?" Nope. Just jacked up. But thanks for asking.

Rachel said...

That is too funny! Except when they ask where the fire alarm is coming from (sorry sweetie, that's just feedback from my hearing aid :)

Megan said...

I love it!! You look awesome!! Hahahah

Anonymous said...

A lot of times, kids say what the rest of us are thinking..so that means, you are pretty!! Hope that makes up for the punch in the face last week! :)Brenda

Ms. Preppy said...

I love all of their compliments and all of those lovely little things they notice... They're so precious.

Love your blog, can't belive it's taken me so long to find it! :)

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