Almost There

Every morning this week, I've woken up completely exhausted and groggy, and thought to myself: "Spring break? Is it spring break yet? Now? How about now??". Eventually I figure out that I have to turn off my alarm and go to work. And, although the days have been fine, they have all felt soooo long. I'll look up at the clock and wonder why it's stopped ticking. I'll check my watch and think "It can't STILL be ten, can it?". Boy, if this is how I feel now, it's gonna get really bad in June. But don't worry; I'll be okay.

But I have a lot of things planned for Spring break. I've got two books to read, a baby blanket to finish knitting (NOT for me), a two week ocean unit to plan and put together, a doctor's appointment, a hair appointment, an opera to go to, and a ladies' night out to organize and attend. Oh and sleeping in. Lots and lots of sleeping in!


Randy + Jan said...

LOVED the comic! Hang in there! Mom

Anonymous said...

You'll get there--I did. I ate a coffee flavored eclair too :)
Yum. Wish you were here!

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